The City of Evarts is located on Hwy 38 a major spur off Hwy 42, is online to be named a "Trail Town Designation" by the Kentucky Tourism Department. This will only add to the great things we have going on in our town and surrounding area. We are the only town in the State of Kentucky that has a legal ordinace on the books that allow you to ride your ATV on city streets and highway. Wear a helmet, obey all traffic laws and you may ride from the trails to purchase groceries, gas, food, use our car wash, we have a full time clinic plus local police, fire and rescue personel to assist you in any way you may need them. To keep this type of unique riding in town we ask that you obey all the laws, go slow through our town as we still have folks living here and our children still attend school in the area. Along with the Harlan County Ridge runner ATV Club the city assisted in breaking the "Guinness World Record" for the most ATV Riders in a parade, and held that title for 5 years. You will find that our local people are glad to see our out of town guests come visit and as many do make plans to return. We take time to sit around the campfire at the North Evarts RV park and just meet and greet everyone, get to know you your family, your children and share good memories of the day events. For information about what all we offer in our County click HERE

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